The Future of Art Consumption – UBCO’s Virtual Art Gallery

FCCS Virtual Gallery

Screen shot of the FCCS Virtual Gallery

Online platform enables artists to spread their creations to a larger audience.

As digital consumption of media and arts increased in the past couple of years, UBCO’s virtual gallery space further developed. The virtual gallery hosts a variety of works, ranging from current students to faculty, alumni, and those in the community. Not only does the online platform highlight works created by those artists, but it also hosts previous FINA gallery exhibitions and public works that are displayed around campus and throughout the community.

With an overwhelming change in gallery spaces, this online platform has enabled artists to spread their creations to a larger audience, allowing their works to be received and appreciated by a more diverse range of people.

The digital gallery provides viewers with a detailed brief of the featured artist and high-quality images of their works. While photographs of artworks do not capture the emotions and detail the artworks would have in person, it accommodates for those that cannot/could not physically attend and provides them with the opportunity to experience the works.

The possibilities this online platform gives to both artists and viewers are endless, and with everything slowly turning digitalized, the platform can only grow from here to possibly host more substantial works and exhibitions. 

View the FCCS Virtual Gallery

This post was written by Eun Jee, an Art History and Visual Culture major in FCCS. Eun Jee is currently working this fall as the Communications Assistant as part of the UBCO Co-op program.