Contact & Staff

The UBC Okanagan Gallery has a dedicated curator that works to plan exhibitions and take care of the Public Art Collection. The gallery is managed and located within the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies.

Bryce Traister

Bryce Traister
Dean; Professor English

Stacey Koosel

Stacey Koosel
Curator; Sessional Instructor Art History & Visual Culture

Shauna Oddleifson
Communications & Marketing Specialist

Ryan Trafananko

Ryan Trafananko
Curatorial Assistant

Philip Wyness
Technical Director

Joanne Gervais

Joanne Gervias
Manager, Media Services

Public Art Advisory Committee

Jeanette Armstrong | Associate Professor, Indigenous Studies

Hussein Keshani | Associate Professor, Art History and Visual Culture

Margaret Macintyre Latta | Director, Okanagan School of Education

Melany Nugent-Nobel | Artist; Assistant Director, Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art

Julia Nyberg | Development Office, UBC Okanagan

Katherine Pickering | Lecturer, Visual Arts

Adam Schubel | Communications and Government Relations Officer, UBC Okanagan

Tania Willard | Assistant Professor, Visual Arts

Philip Wyness | Studio Technician, Creative Studies