Gallery News

Cool Arts, in partnership with the Ponderosa Fibre Arts Guild, the Rotary Centre for the Arts, and Kelowna Museums, wove together a colourful fibre art banner over the summer of 2021.

Being Gooz! produced during UBC Okanagan Gallery artist residency

Exhibition in the FINA Gallery highlights and commemorates the works produced by black UBCO students Jane Udochi, Garvin LeBlanc, Binta Sesay and Nyashadza and features Sylix high school student Kristine Mike.

Online platform enables artists to spread their creations to a larger audience

Held at FINA Gallery at UBC Okanagan, Survey features a collection of printmaking and mixed media work by UBCO alumni artist, Sara McDonald, BFA‘00, MA‘12.

Syilx artist talks about his art practice and new addition to the UBCO Public Art Collection.